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I'm still a newbie. I am experiencing a problem with "My Music" documents. I am working with a Sony VAIO which has a 60GB HD. & 512 Megs of RAM. When I go to "My Computer" it has Local (C) (total space 13.9GB) and (D) (total space 60.5) listed under the Hard Drives. This does not make any sense to me seeing as how I only have a 60GB HD. Am I to assume that both (C) & (D) are on one hard drive? The question here is, is there a way to have "My Music" files located to the Local Disk (D) only? When I go to "Explore" I have found that both (C) & (D) have the same files. When I tried to delete files from (C) it also deleted them from (D). The files on (C) have eaten up so much memory that I am unable to do a defrag because it requires at least 15% Free Disk Space. I have searched other pages in this forum and have found no answers as of yet. Thanks for any help.
is your drive partitioned?even so,im puzzled as to why you have an excess of 60GB....
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