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I could really do with some advice if at all possible.

I work within medical simulation, training drs and nurses using a high fidelity mannakin going around the hospital where I work delivering point of care training. We have, at the moment a old and clunky camera stack that we can take with us and stream it back to a room where others watch the scenario being played out.

This isn't very portable and what we'd like to do is have a cable-less system where the camera can either be worn or attached to something and we could move the 'patient' to different areas in the hospital to act out certain scenarios.

I'm not particularly tech savvy, the wifi at the hospital is patchy in certain areas, i've read there are ways of getting around this problem but the more I read the more confusing it is!!

Any help would be gratefully received!



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If you want to have a cable-less system, you'll need some sort of wireless connectivity. So you'll need either wifi, or a 4G connection.

Of those two options, 4G will get ridiculously expensive if you're streaming high-def data constantly. So really, your only option is wifi.
Luckily, wifi access points are relatively cheap and are easy to install & configure.

If you're ok with a crappy looking live stream, you could get by with using cellular data (i.e. your mobile phone). But if you want anything decent, fix your wifi :p
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