Little parts...


Daemon Poster
Just wondering if anyone's interested? Selling these as a whole or individual...

80mm air duct - Neat little thing I got recently, but just wouldn't fit in my case without some major modding I didn't care to do. Brand new...just tinkered with it for a while than got fed up and threw it in my closet for a few months ;P Been in box, etc etc...

SD Card Reader - Brand New, USB 2.0 and 1.1 compatable. I got a pair of these, works great. Extention cable too.

I might be getting a fan controller too. I'll post that too if I have no need for it.

Name a price and I might go with it... Just that and shipping. If you want pics, just ask and I'll post them.

Ah, and if anyone gets anything from me and wants some little parts, I got some I'll give away. Older stuff. I got tons of floppy drives even a 2.8M, if there's a way to use it on a PC(from an IBM PS/2.) I also got some old P1 systems if anyone wants to pay to have them shipped.