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im trying to use virtual cd to copy my civ II TOT cd, and all is wonderful, but it doesnt wanna play the music (when I try to pick a track manually it says cd not in drive) then when I open it in windows media player....its there, I have examined the cd and I can see all the tracks but im thinking maybe that if they arent in the right format 1.e. 8-bit, mono, and sampled at 22050hz (or whatever they were before I copied them ) is there a prog or something I can use to see what bit and hz the origionals are? or maybe I need to change some setting on the program, either way im pretty much lost. heh. any help woule be nice. later.
It sounds to me like that program didn't copy the cd correctly. I remember having trouble copying game cds with multi-sessions on them. I remember the audio tracks would be on the cd but the game wouldn't find them. Then i came across CloneCD and all was well. The only thing is that clone cd doesn't work with all burners so youll have to cheeck.
OR you could just get a cd crack;)

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