Little help needed whit local domain setup tutorial/how to's. Thank You!


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Hmmm... i try to look up some good tutorials or how-to's for one person,but i havent found exacly what she needs, maybe ya guys can help? My english is bad & i am not so Pro eighter, that i could give 100% instructions to someone on paper lol. anyway:

Her project:
Greate domain for server/local network; server PC is on XP-pro whit DSL (she have Windows 2000 Pro Server OS to, but she likes XP more becouse it's more user friendly probably, personally i think 2000 is more secure, right?) . All 10 clients are on XP pro also. Available hardware: DSL modem, 20 port hub, netgear 4 port router & extra 5 port d-link wireless router).

* Greate password protected user account for 8 stations and assign a static IP.
* Greate private folder for 8 users in server computer, for backup perposes "user1", "user2", "user3" ...
* 3 units from 10 are wireless notebooks, what should be able just access the internet white out an login as guest's & as well log in as network user/client, to access backup folder in server.Other 2 units should have access ONLY the internet conection
* Greate one global/shared folder in server where every user can access (exept the 2 units who just need internet conection)
* Set up every unit to log in to domain on start up whit theyr username/password
* 5 extra slots whit the IP margin for DHCP to enable guests to access the internet when necessary (wireless notebook or PC)
* Set up network printer (connected to server) for all users/guests
* disable all unnessesary shares & services on client computers, secure every client whit extra software firewall (sygate pro i guess) & antivirus (Nod32 admin release i think is good pick)

I was looking network admin. software from, is any of them actually whort to buy?

Thank You!