Now that I am moderator here. I will see about editing the first post with new MMORPG as they get listed.

I thought that was just an MMO?
Key word in MMO is the world MASSIVE. Therefore BIG.

It's BIG becuase there is more than is about 20 or players so players on the one server.
It's BIG because playing area is a much larger than a few 100 meters. Or an arena or sorts.

Correct me if I am wrong, but my impression of BF Heroes is that it's more of an FPS. If it some thing like a MMOFPS like PlanetSide or what StarWars Galaxies has turned into, then I am happy to add it to the list

i dunno. i guess i dont really know the difference lol. i have it, but i haven't played it yet.
There as been a few MMO that are not RPGs.
Like there are a few MMOFPS and MMORTS that are on the market. They are very niche.

I guess the what make an MMO on what it is that the you have large numbers of people playing on the same server at the same time and that the playing area is large too.
Plus there is some other key elements in where there game does have it's own internal community stucture, economy, email.


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Hi I just wanted to add Atlantica to this list. It's a very unique and interesting FTP MMO. Instead of having 1 character, you have your main and eventually end up with 9 players you control in a 3 x 3 x 3 formation which you can customize as you see fit. There's a lot of strategy involved and a lot of content for PVE and PVP. Also you can get stuff done without having to dedicate hours at a time.

Atlantica Online : Strategic Turn-based MMORPG from NDOORS : the place for Free Online Games and Online RPGs


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I'm not sure if this counts as a valid link as it doesn't contain strictly MMORPGs nor does it contain strictly F2P ones either but it is the biggest up to date collection of the MMO world I've come across (so big in fact that it's divided into 2 posts) ]

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Second post

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On a side note that is a very good forum to discuss anything and everything RPG related as well as find out about upcoming RPGs before most other sites (mmosite, ogregamer, fileplanet and even gamestop among others)


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I mainly play wow but the only free one I have tried is Cronous. It's totally free. I found it to be quiet fun. Gameplay is a lot like wow. Only problem is its lacking in graphics.
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