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Anyone know how big RH9 or Mandrake or any easier Linux fully come out to? When you download it's like 600MB (on some) but then when you install it it's like 1GB or bigger.

I need an easy to learn Linux that fully comes out to about 800MB or so.

I am wanting this for my server. I do not have use of a floppy drive, so I can't make disc. As far as space, I have a 1.2GB drive. If I can find another IDE cable then I will have 2.4GB. But anything that will fully install to 800MB-1GB would be best.
Redhat and Mandrake have very flexible installation options which allow you an installation size ranging from about 400mb to over 2gb. If you're setting up a server, however, I'd have to recommend you check out Slackware ( as it's very simple, stable, and configurable which makes it perfect for a server. Generally RedHat and Mandrake leave you with lots of "extras" that you can probably do without.
Slackware is considered "slow" when it comes to including the latest packages in its stable version.
So what would be best for a server? Slackware?

Slackware is considered "slow" when it comes to including the latest packages in its stable version.

That doesn't make me feel very good in getting an OS, for a server anyways.
Best server OS out there is FreeBSD.

Very small, stable and lightweight.

Only preoblem is, its for advanced users and its command line only.
It really depends on what kind of "serving" you're doing. Another server distro that's incredibly simple to set up and administer is ClarkConnect, which is mainly to be used as a gateway/firewall/webserver. I don't have a ton of experience with it though, so I'm not too sure how it is.
CollegeLinux is under 800 MB and it installs everything thats on the CD. It's easy but may have a hard time recognizing your hardware. It comes with plenty of software. Even has a great Matrix screensaver.

FreeBSD does use KDE now. But it won't recognize most hardware at least my cheap HP.
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