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What is the best distribution of Linux (features- and ease of use-wise), and how do I install it?


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iamroot said:
Use FC3. It's extremely easy to install, easy to use and totally free (both in code and price).
Seconded. It has everything you could want, and great for beginners. I'm using it.


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I still hope to use Debian as my main distro though. Maybe I'll use it full-time when Sarge comes out.


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Just get the cds, put the 1st install cd into your CD-ROM, change the BIOS boot order to boot frm cd-rom and just wait for the installation program to boot up and follow instructions. It's really easy. The anaconda installer is really great.


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Would there be any advantages for a non-programer to run a duel OS machine? I have been thinking about adding Linux as something to play with, but I really dont know what I would want it to do for me that Windows doesnt already do.