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ok so if i got a secondary hard drive and wanted to go about installing red hat on it what would i have to do bearing in mind that i also tun windows 98
Use something like Partition Magic and format that drive as a Linux partition. If it's unformatted or it's not based on the NTFS, you wouldn't need to do that, just load the drive in windows and resart the computer with the cd in the tray.

Then you would just load up the linux CD's and when you get to the part where you choose the section where you choose what drive to install it on, just select that drive and continue the install :)

Good Luck :D
Just do NOT install LILO (the LIinux LOader) in the Master Boot Record area of your hard drive. Linux can handle booting from other means, windows cannot. The floppy disk boot method is your safest option to start with.
why not? I have never had any problems with lilo... and If I did, you can still fdisk /mbr...
i have a question, why have linux ? and what is linux? is there something that it does that the other doesnt? is there advantages? please tell :)
ooooh, should I take this one or you shan? ;)

Do a search in the forums for Linux, im sure youll find a thread where we have explained the advantages before.
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