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I can tell you that i've really never networked My linux and windows pc's together...

Samba is a client that supports printer to a networked printer, it's said to be good, yet again not to sure..

There's a program for Linux called Wine. It's an emulator for windows programs, lately it's said to be able to run around 1500 different windows titles, some of the more common titles using standard windows api's....

Linux computers also support usb ports, but you want to make sure that the device you will be plugging into the usb ports has a driver available to download...

Some sites.
The compatability if no where near up to par yet. Most windows software con be run on windows using wine, and depending on the distro you chose, many hardware devices will work... but then again, many more will not. It is definitly an advanced operating system, but it has a long way to go.
I have 3 windows PC's and one Linux PC on my network, and they get along just fine. Most major distros now come with Samba and make it quite simple to get a Linux PC on your Windows network.
Linux is so fun

Okay, as far as compatability with a windows network goes, Linux will jump on to the network just fine. However, I must ask you what your intentions are for the linux box. If it is just to experiment with, go for it! If you want it to behave like a typical Windows client machine, I am afraid you will be disapointed.

Linux has it's uses as far as the server capabilities go, but I ended up going back to Windows XP after awhile. it does not make a whole lot of sense to devote a high end machine to Linux, but if you just want to learn and experiment I would recommend putting it on an older pentium I or II system.

My daughter still wants a linux machine, but I told her NO. get used to Microsoft! :)
Re: Linux is so fun

brahm said:

My daughter still wants a linux machine, but I told her NO. get used to Microsoft! :)

If i had a daughter who said that, i'd send her on an all expsense paid vacation to go where ever she wants...

It's all about choice nowadays...:)
She had one for awhile

She did have one for awhile, but she kept killing the boot process somehow. She is also programming with Java and writing her own irc bots and scripts.

I was never much of a programmer. She is 15 years old. Well, I may actually relent and let her load it again, who knows?
Go for it!! :) by the time you know it, she'll be dual booting into Linux and hiding it from you!! hahhah :)
What is your oppinion about linux?

I want to experiment with linux while still having windows on my machine. I know its possible but Im not sure if its a good idea.

What makes linux better, do you think?
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