Linux, Why Cant I Do Anything?

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Can someone tell me what im doing wrong? I cant even get anything to work. At this point I think its a miracle I even got it Installed. All I want is to get some Apps up and working. For flash I downloaded the files and I think im supposed to copy them into the Mozilla plugins folder, but how? Everytime I try and put something in there it tells me I dont have permission to do it. Ive never used Linux before so I dont know what im doin. But could someone tell me what im doin wrong?


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u gotta open the command line program (i think its called terminal) and do sudo copy pathname pathname

the first pathname is the file location, and the second pathname is where u want to put the file.

make sure theres a space between the two pathnames :)


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I'd recommend to manually download the files onto the Desktop and then use the "cd" command.

Then, type in home/username/Desktop

You can type the first two letters and then hit tab for autocomplete.

Then, use the "sh" command and type the first two letters of filename and then hit tab. Follow the instructions on the install.