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installation in Linux

Hi guys,

i downloaded the intel c++ compiler for linux, but i dont know how to install it. I tryed it in oldschool by typing ./ and it started, but in the middle of the installation he told me that i need Xwindow to install it .... and thats the problem: i never installed anythin in xWindows, i always did it in the console.
Can someone tell me how to install it? Thx



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i am using SuSe 9.1 and i got xWindows ... i need to know how to install a program ... what do i have to push? In windóws it is .exe but what is it in linux? some people said .sh but i cant run a .sh file by clicking on it -.- .,.. plz help me



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There's no standard .exe for GNU/Linux. There are the RPMs and the shell scripts. RPMs can be run by clicking on it but shell scripts must be run from the terminal. Anyway, installing software through the terminal is a very good habit cos you can see the install output or error msgs that might otherwise be unseen.

You don't know how to install programs? I would recommend you stick to RPMs.