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I dont know how many Linux Users we have on the Forum, but I am midway into my exploration of the new frontier, so to speak. I would definitly enjoy a place to help people with linux questions and perhaps get some help with certain things.

Besides, its always good to have something other than microsoft to look at! ;)
By the way. I know I am new here, but I will be having this site open for the better part of 9 hours a day, along with periodic checks from home. If need be, I will volunteer my services as a moderator of said proposed Linux Forum.
Just an Idea.
Thanks for your suggestion €cniv. This has came up several times in the past. There is going to be a few changes made to tech-forums over the next two months and a Linux forum is one thing that will be added, So sit tight.

As for moderating we are not taking on anymore at this time. But however we will keep you in mind for when we do promote more moderators.

Sounds good, thank you for the reply!
The more i think about it im not sure if we need one. We all ready have an operating system forum and Linux is classed as an OS, isn't it?
Well, yea. I guess you're right, then people might want a Windows XP, 98, 2000, 95, CE, unix, apple, sun, and anything else that really comes to mind, hahah. But maybe when there's more than 3 or 5 Linux users that might be a good idea...
Yeah as the forum grows and there does become more Linux questions then I will reconsider.
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