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OK, first of all i am not a noob so dont worry about getting technical, as long as its not too bad!!!

Anyway, my problem is i want to install Linux on my pentium 3 laptop. It has a formatted HDD. The only problem is that the original cd drive is broken, so i bought a usb dvd drive. It does however have a working floppy drive. Now i cant install any O/S because the machine wont detect the dvd drive. I have tried using the windows XP boot disk, the 6 floppies one, but to no avail. So now i am considering Linux. I have heard about tiny linux installs that can fit on a few floppies. Is it possible to install a working linux O/S from floppies alone? Preferably one with a web browser so i can find the drivers for my DVD drive and install a proper Linux. I have Turbo Linux 5.0 waiting on a CD. You can probably tell that i dont know anything about Linux. I am a pretty advanced windows user but TBH i know little to nothing about Linux

If any can answer any of these questions, or give me any advice at all i would be very grateful. Or if anyone can think of a way i can install windows somehow with this setup.

Your going to run into usb driver issues methinks, if you can get a minimal linux installed that supports the dvd drive then you should be able to pull it off and get it done.Off the top of my head im not aware of any floppy linux versions with usb support, but I will look around and get back to you.
well, so far no luck, I even tried compiling a kernel with the minimums needed and it wont fit on a floppy, its close but just a little big

what your trying to do I know can be done though, it isnt for rookies

do you have access to another machine that isnt a laptop?I assume you do

here's a another possibility, pull the hard drive out of the laptop, put all the install files on the hard drive(if its big enough, your gonna need around 4-5gigs total), this can be done with an IDE to laptop drive adapter for the 2.5" laptop drive

then boot up with a basic linux install floppy set, slackware has these as part of their disc set, they have to made with a working PC though, once booted up run the setup routine and point the install to the install files on the hard drive, after that it gets easier, once its installed you can delete the hard drive install files and recover the space

This isnt for rookies, and laptops are a pain to deal with sometimes.Right now though, this is the best I can come up with, and it avoids the dvd usb issue completely.Once its installed though, getting your dvd drive to work shouldnt be too tough.
Thanks alot for that. Im gonna go see if that helps. I might order one of those adapters now. I know my bro has one too. Thanks again
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