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Ok. I downloaded the Linux Mandrake 9.0 ISO images (all 3 of them), and extracted them then copied to CD. What do I label the CDs?

I am able to boot up with a floppy created from rawritewin.exe and the CD that I created, but in the install interface it tries to access the CD and says that this is not a Linux Mandrake CD.

Any ideas. I have all of the files copied correctly on the CD, think I just don't have the naming convention down for the CD
doh, ur not supposed to extract them. You need to burn the ISO images directly using nero or something. Then label them cd 1,2,3. You boot directly to CD1 and off you go.

I am feeling bright. You mean just copy the iso file to the cd using nero?
yep, just take the directories for each cd and burn them to a need to extract anything. Just burn those directories to the CD's 1,2,3.

Good Luck! :)
no, no, no, no ,no. In nero you need to actually LOAD the ISO and burn it. there should be an option under the file menu for load image file.
Okay just so Im clear

I am burning the iso image straight to the CD.

For instance I am copying the file Mandrake90-cd3-i18n.i586.iso directly to my CD and I am labeling that CD "CD1"

Am I doing this right?
cds are cheap

Okay ecniv,
Just saw your message... I am searching Nero for how to load an ISO.

You were right as usual vince -- ecniv thanks for the help.

I went to "File>Burn Image" within Nero and the rest was a piece of cake.
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