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At work, the admin left and didnt leave the password to the linksys router. I was wondering how to reset the password or how to get into the router to change the password so we know it.
do you have the manual for the router? if not, try calling their customer service department. they may be able to help you out.

kind of unprofessional though, not documenting passwords in a secure, designated location...
Yes, very unprofessional indeed. I will try to call them and see..if anyone else has ideas???
I think that there is a small reset button on the router itself. I think if you hold it for 10-15 secs, it will reset. But you will have to completely re-configure everything.
Before you try Guy's suggestion, just call the admin and see what his password was. Something smells a little fishy around here.....
Yes, I can see where it does seem fishy. The admin left for good. So he isnt saying much. SO im stuck with all of the problems fun. I will try all of those. I just want to reset the password so we I know it from now in incase of problems in the futire. Thanks for all of your help. ;-)
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