Limited or no connectivity.. not SP2 related. pls help

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Hi all.

Where can i start.....

I live in the UK.
Both my PC's connect to the internet individually. My ISP is Telewest Blueyonder.

I have the internet cable pllugged into the modem which goes to the router/hub then shares the inet with the computers.

Today I took the whole setup to my friends house and tested the setup on his Bt account. IT all works fine.


When i plug the computers in at home only one will connect to the internet the other get limited or no connectivity. This depends on which computer is started first.

The problem is not SP2 related as each computer connects individually and both together at my friends house.

The computer that cant connect gets a loop back address of 162.254 or somehting when i type ipconfig /all
the thing is is that when i do this command it all looks rather blank......

~I called telewest to ask them to turn on another IPaddress.. they told me that i didnt need to it just will work. 'well it doesnt' i replied. Thechap told me i have it plugged in wrong. Well i do not i told him and went through how it is connected. His last response was that they only offer support to one computer alone.

If anykone knows how to connect the 2 computers to the net through the hub PLEASE TELL ME...!!!!!

im not too intrested in the network woking yet ... but it did anyways at me friends house...... although it doesnt work now.


thanks in advance


If the ISP wont give out 2 IP address to your location, then there is no way to hook up 2 computers unless you have a router. The router/hub you have might be a hub.

If you do have a router, then it is not leasing out IP addresses properly...

On both computers type the following commands in a command prompt:

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew


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alternately you can right click the connection and choose repair, that should do the same thing.


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So when you took it to your friends house you had multiple computers connected to the router and they all picked up good IP addresses right and connected to the net with no problems? It seems something specfic to that computer then.

I have had this problem on several occasions and usually deleting the winsock settings and re-installing the TCP/IP protocol will fix it. If that dont work I would try a new NIC. Here is the SKB from microsoft.;en-us;817571


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thanks for the reply.

I think you may have missed the point. the 2 computers to my friends house. then my stuff plugged in and it worked 1st time no problems . no need to play with this all..

all the advice you gave me has already been tried by spending 3 hours on the phone with microsoft with all these things. in the end it seriously buggered the PC and i had to format them again.

Why will it work at my friends house but not here.???

Is it because i have a hub.... not a router on a cable connection?

thanks again.


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Had a hub .. DUH!!!

got a router

all ok now

lesson to noobs... dont buy a buggered router

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