lightsaber video

someone make a video of a lightsaber duel.(film people hitting each other with sticks.) then put it on the forum. then we download do the dirty work and we show our lightsaber effects off to everyone. it would be sweet

now take it in a dark envorinment. like if there is a lightsaber against the sky it willl look bad. so like do ur fight in front of a big black canvas or soemthing.

make sure that the sticks arent black, people have to rotoscope these. ya know i have a stick and it have tin foil on it so the light hits off of it better and it is easier to see.

and another thing. 15 sec max.

and another thing. 30fps minimum. no 15 fps. and well 60 is nice but it is alot of work.

and dont put like 15 lightsabers in one video that would take forever to rotoschope.

this is how i do mine

i like to fiddle around with it but that is the basic way i do it.