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I am having a problem with a printer I've been using for almost a year now. Before the last few weeks, my printer has been working without any problems; but it is now acting quite strange. I am using a Lexmark Z53 Jet printer; the printer waits about 3-5 minutes before printing the page. After it starts, it only prints half the page, and waits another 3 minutes before it prints the rest. It does this with the next pages, as well.

A few times, I've tryed to print something, but it doesn't, and just says "spooling." Does anyone have any idea on how this could get fixed?

Thanks in advance.
Did you try reinstalling the drivers?

Maybe the drivers got corrupted for some reason. I had this same problem with my old HP printer and once I reinstalled drivers it went back to normal.
Yes I tryed reinstalling the drivers, with no success

But, I managed to fix the problem, but I am not sure how I did. Right after I posted this, I found a site telling how the spoolsv.exe process takes care of part of the printing process, and I found out that it is also the name of a trojan. I moved the spoolsv.exe file, and restarted my computer. When my pc booted up, the file was replaced and my printer started to work properly.

Is what I did a solution to this problem, or is it just a coincidence that I happened to change that process, and my printer started working, at the same time?
Not trying to be A smartarse in anyway, shape or form,

I know people who have had similar problems, and simply had to invest in A new printer. Lexmark is A cheap brand because they are built very cheaply, hence you get problems with the Printers (particularly the lower end Lexmarks). Once printers start going wrong there is very little you can do.

In short My friend ditch the Lexmark and get another brand, youll be glad you did.

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