Let's talk mice..


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There is a main theme to this thread....
Everybody likes the Logitech mice, including myself.
I guess I am the exception to that. I haven't found a Logitech rodent that I like yet. The mouse I really, REALLY liked died on me a while back and is no longer available, the Func MS-3. I am still trying to find a mouse that feels like the MS-3.


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I think I've tried a Razer mouse once back in the day, otherwise a buddy of mine had the G5 back in the day, and I got the MX518, one for my desktop, and one for my old laptop. One of the mice had been in storage and got ruined, so now that I've got a new laptop I need to find something to fit it. The size for me is great because I've got large hands, and it looks like that's what puts the G502 in the lead for mice for me. I've also got to do some research on whether or not I can link different macros and what not to the buttons outside of games (I'm sure I can, but I will be researching it today anyway). Hard for me to justify $120 for a mouse, but it's looking like that's going to be the case.
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