Lets talk about pimpin' the ride....


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Lets mod my baby....

so...I wanna start moddin my baby....and I need your help finding the best addons on the net....

I already have UV sensitive PSU power cables

I changed my PSU outer fan with a 80mm 3 LED (Green, Red, Blue) fan with custom build laser cut grill

I also added a blue led inside my PSU

so for now my PSU is done....my next step would be to get all of these and start painting.....;)


I also need your suggestions with other mods....like lights and wires.....and EVERYTHING.....

I am also planning to get one of these for my side panel fan...but dont know which one to get.....


soo....what do you say....you think you all can help me??....

Thanx in ADVANCE

DJ Stephen

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Is your case see through? Also UV tubes are decent, I have light up fans, what about light up o small floppy cables?