Lenovo not working with Charger and Battery but only with each one alone


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I have a Lenovo W541 that works very well with a charger and very well with a battery, but when I have loaded the battery it does not read the charger and can not charge the battery. Then it only works with the battery. If I close it completely it can charge the battery normally. Only then does the battery read the charger. Thank you


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It is quite likely that you have incorrect battery settings or that you have replaced the battery with a non-original version. Lenovo only recognizes batteries, AC adapters, etc. that are with a Lenovo chip and are on the BIOS white page.
If you have all Lenovo originals, remove the battery briefly (1-2 minutes) and then restart it without the charger. Then open the battery settings and reset all settings. Now let your computer run until you will be announced, that the battery is running low (usually about 10% of the battery capacity left). You can then turn on the charger, but it's best to wait for the computer to turn itself off or go to Sleep.
If your battery has been in use for more than a year after the date it was released, it is a good idea to recalibrate it.
If necessary, you can also try installing battery drivers and controllers (NB! Do this one by one). After a restart, they will be reinstalled automatically. So there is no need to worry.
If you still have problems, use Driver Easy or IObit Driver Booster to get the best drivers (these two are trusted) - don't use other ones and the drivers you download from the website/homepage are not always the best. However, if you have a problem with newer drivers, you can always go back to the factory recommended drivers if they are usually very old, but at the same time quite often the best for this arbvut configuration.

NB! It's worth remembering that Lenovo does not recognize non-chip accessories, ie must use only genuine Lenovo batteries, chargers, etc, even some drivers cannot be used, if it is not in Lenovo white list.