Legal Protection for Webhost Reseller, Webmaster, WebDesigner, and Wholesaler


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Hostlegal provides legal forms for the Hosting Industry. We have a full line of Legal Protection Kits designed especially for Webhost Resellers, Webmasters/WebDesigners, and Wholesalers.

For Webhost Resellers, we offer our Reseller Protection Kit (RPK), which includes: Terms of Services (TOS), Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP), Privacy Policy (PP), Set up and Order Form, and more!
Price $34.99

For Webmasters and WebDesigners, we offer our Webmaster/WebDesigner Protection Kit (WWPK), which includes Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Price $25.99

For Wholesalers and Upstream Providers, we offer our Wholesaler/Upstream provider Protection Kit (WUPK), which includes Terms of Service, Acceptable Use Policy, Privacy Policy, and more! Price $69.99

Our Legal Protection Kits will be sent to you in a zip file, and in both PDF and Microsoft Word file formats. Our templates are easily edited with Microsoft Word or any text editor program. You will be up and running in less than an hour!

We also offer individual forms such as Terms of Service, Terms of Use, Privacy policy, and more. $9.99 - $18.99

Our Legal Protection Kits were developed by a technology lawyer, with over 12 years of experience in all aspects business law, including protection of intellectual property, drafting and negotiation of service contracts, drafting of standard terms and conditions for Web based services, and web site legal compliance.

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"Legal Forms for the Hosting Industry"