Learning PHP is cool.

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<font face="Arial" size="3" color="Red"><span style=color=Black;height:14;filter:glow;(color="Black";strength:3);>I've been teaching myself some PHP and found this really cool way to type. Like how my signature is, yup that's text, not a picture. So i thought that i would write a message about how cool this looks!</span></font>
Whoa I had no idea HTML was enabled here on the board. :p Still, bear in mind that having HTML is a privilege; just don't get too overboard with it. ;)

I never bothered learning any more PHP than just the <? ?> function, seriously, but I heard it was just as easy as HTML is. =\
Yea, i know it's a privlage, that's really all that i'll do, it really doesn't give me any satisfaction considering it doesn't look right in Galeon. It only really looks good for the IE users, but most of the users are IE so that's all good for them!

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