Learn the Mac OS format


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I want to learn how to use Mac OS, but I don't have a modern Mac to use. Is there any websites that will help me with this, because I want to learn how to use it more than I know how right now. I a couple of years i plan to buy a Mac computer and play aound with it to put what I learned to the test. I can't really do that with a Macitosh OS 7.6 that's like over 10 years old, is too darn slow, and doesn't have any hard drive space. After I buy my laptop I plan to start saving for it.
Any help is appreciated, Nathan C.
Learning how to use a Mac...

Even using it for years couldn't give you that kind of knowledge - its like a small baby; it will push you and push you and push you and just not do what you want it to do or give you a moment's peace but god damn it if you hit it it will just get worse or die.

The best bet is some books, Mac OS X For Dummies; or something like that. The Apple site may have something, but it would at best just be an overview of new features.


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thats true, mac os 7 won't teach you anything about macosx. they're two different, incompatible operating systems. the user interface is similar but now there's unix with it as well. there's the dock which vaguely resembles the windows taskbar. there are no more extensions. programs are stored in a folder called applications. the apple menu is still not the same. extensions are no more (so bye bye chaos :( ). the eye candy is wonderful and addictive. the dog-cow is .... DEAD!!! ...or may be just retired. etc....
Steve Jobs certainly did do a good Job making the carcass look half decent; but still if you try and do anything meaningful with it its a sick, maggot filled rotten mess.


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Mac-(1)/A true computer not to be confused with a Windows PC built on the solid foundation of UNIX and a nice user interface.(2)/The best computer built.(3)/A well built computer(4)/A computer combining power and performance.