LCD signal not detected at startup


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I have a new LCD monitor and at the initial computer startup, the display is NO SIGNAL, then it changes to INPUT SIGNAL NOT DETECTED and finally the Windows Logo kicks in and everythng is OK.
But the big problem this causes me is that I cannot access my BIOS. Luckily I have an ATI AIW and it is hooked up to my TV, and my computer being in the same room as my TV which acts like a monitor, I can read and access my BIOS.
I have tried everything I found on the ATI website but with no success. I have a setting of 1024x768 and a refresh rate of 60 Hz on an Acer AL1913 LCD monitor. Note that the driver for this monitor is not supported, and Acer has only replied to my email asking what is marked on the screen at startup, and haven't gotten back to me yet.
Any suggestions :rolleyes:


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You got an Acer? same thing happens to my Cousins computer but it doesn't bother anyone so i would just use the TV i guess (Acers are @#^$)