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hi everybody,
i have a viewsonic vg700b lcd 17 inch monitor. just recently it began flickering and such. it does it in sections of the screen at different times like the top 1/4 of the screen will fade in darker and lighter in each individual line until it becomes either lighter or darker. then another 1/4 of the screen will do it flickering each line in the section, sometimes the whole screen starts doing and almost whites itself out or like now its fine for the moment. i know its not the vid card as it did it after my pc was off and the few secs of black before it goes into power saving mode there were large sections of the white and distortedness i was talking about. please help me someone that knows a lot about monitors. i dont have the money to buy another one and will be a very sad person without my computer. ive gone into as much detail as i can think of but ask me any questions u like so we can figure this out. the monitor i dont believe is very old and the picture is great when its working. i would post a screenshot but since its not the video card or windows i cant. i have a feeling its just one part messing up inside and that would b alot cheaper than a new 500 dollar monitor probably unless the whole display is going out which i pray it isnt.

Like your avitar homer rocks!! But about your lcd check the refresh rates my 17inch lcd started to flicker like that when i set it a bit too high.
my monitor says it can handle 75hz and thats what i had it at, dropped it down to 70hz which it should easily handle with the same results, flickering, light and dark distortions i.e. something that should b white will take a hint of brown or sometimes super bright white that whites out everything else doing it line by line in sections like i described before :(
well not the refresh rates next vid card make sure u have the latest drives.And if u have a working spare lying around or can borrow check if that is it last check if your card is overheating.
its not the card as it does it when the pc is off and i also have my tv hooked up to the card as well and that displays fine while the lcd is having its conniption
when did u buy it see if there still a warranty.If not but the same thing and return the crappy one.
lol forgot about doing that, had a car amp i had to that with. i would like to b able to fix it but will do that as a last resort. any other ideas ppl plus my computer just bsod'd while i was playing ut2004, that hasnt happened since i can remember.
thing is i dont have the money to even borrow to get one to switch it with(poor college student with a job that is at school which i am not for the summer)
And i guess if u had a credit card u would not want to use it. College I want to go bad so i can get out.
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