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I just bought a LCD off a private seller on my university's online marketplace. It's a NEC MultiSync LCD 1550V and was in perfect working condition when i bought it.

The monitor's been fine for the entire first week of operation, but weird things have been happening since.

I seriously don't recall anything happening to it, it just started having problems one day.

Here's what happens,

on boot up it's a lot better, but u can already see green dots here and there on the screen, the longer the screen stays on, the wider the dots become, until i see broken horizontal green lines spanning across the whole screen.

They don't always occur on the same places either, they seem to appear near spots of contrasting color in particular.

Chaning the contrast or rgb options causes the lines to shift around the screen, again following spots of contrasting color.

Shutting off the monitor for a while reduces the length of the lines for a bit until they widen again after a while.

I've tried many things, from using a different vga cable to plugging in to a different socket, i've also tested the monitor with 2 other computers, one being a mac, and they all have the same problem.

i have also tried all auto adjust options, and tried multiple resolutions and refresh rates, nothing helped...

Only thing i suspect is interference from the power source, cuz the interference seems rather strong in this apartment, as my speakers recieve the radio just plugged into the power socket.

sadly this monitor was 2nd hand, so i really can't turn to any warranties or anything for diagnostics or repairs... i called NEC and the tech support had no idea.

i do hope there are some display experts out there who may know what the problem is...

thanks a million,
if you tested it on multiple computers to the same outcome, then its got to be the monitor at fault here, id imajine.

LCD's are not suseptible to interfierence like CRT's are. LCD's are immune to interfierence infact. I never tried, but you can prolly take a magnet close to the LCD and it wont interfier.

What kind of terms did he give you when you bought it off the guy? was it a used monitor? and if problems arrose fairly quickly did he give you any option to return it if it was just defective?
nah it'd be hard to negotiate returns, it's a very casual online forum for the university, so all the transactions are entirely private...

i doubt that there's anything shady on his part either... the monitor was in fact in very good condition when i bought it...
how old is the monitor?

maybe NEC's warranty doesnt require the original invoice. and if its not old at all. some manufactures warranty the item from anyone, but change the start of the warranty to manufactur date.

check NEC's web site and c wat there warranty policy is.
nah i called them and gave them the serial number, the warranty's out on this one already...

and about having had a lot of force on it, i don't think that's happened at all, it's really just been sitting there on my desk prior to the problems appearing..

but yea, so you've seen this problem occur before, turtile?
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