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LaunchBar Commander has a slightly different focus than some other launch bar tools:
  • It's designed for power users who value efficiency over eye candy - although you can choose some nice appearance skins for the program, if you are looking for a super fancy animated mac-style dock with dancing icons, LaunchBar Commander is not the tool for you (but see the help file for links to other freeware/shareware alternatives you might like).
  • It's designed to store docking bar configurations in self-contained files - so you can back them up easily, move them to other computers, switch between configurations, etc.
  • It emphasizes the use of highly configurable Menus rather than just buttons - you can build hierarchical menus of any depth and varying types.
  • It has a very powerful tree configuration tool which supports copy and paste, drag and drop, easy temporary disabling, multiple configuration files, etc.
  • Multiple dock support - a single instance of the program can support multiple docks and tray menus.
  • Robust support for virtual file menus - confgure menu items to give you access into specific folders, with many options.
  • Drag and drop runtime support - drop files onto buttons to open them with the specific program, or add them to the launch bar.
  • Smart tree building - extracts icons and descriptions from files and pictures.
  • Advanced button and menu types - including switchable Tool Buttons, Batch Buttons, Virtual Links, and more coming soon.
  • Smart icon retrieval - use application icons, standalone .ico files, or even .bmp files.
  • Special menu building blocks for Start Menu, MyDocuments, etc. More coming soon (control panel, printers).
  • Works great on removable usb flash type drives - will auto adjust to changing drive letters and requires no installation
  • Optional use of skins to get the perfect look to match your background wallpaper.
  • Easily toggle launchbars to tray mode so you can use them as tray menus when you don't want them taking up space on your desktop.
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