Latest Security Patch SLOWED My Computer

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I stumbled across this article today when I was looking at various Win XP Tips and Tricks searches. Here's the article:

Latest Windows XP patch can slow down PCs
April 24 2003-Just in case everyone has missed all of the postings about this, I just realized I had not posted anything about it yet.
Microsoft's latest security patch can cause computers running Windows XP to slow down to a crawl, affected users say.
Windows XP can take up to 10 seconds to start an application after installation of the patch released last Wednesday with security bulletin MS03-013, users wrote in dozens of postings on several online discussion boards. Removing the patch brings system speed back to normal, according to these users.
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Amen to that!! My 1700 Athalon was CRAWLING after this update!!! I deleted that file as per this artricle, rebooted the computer and things are back to nomal. It'll be awhile before I update with this file again. Hopefully this problem will be fixed soon.
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