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So I thought that I was God. I thought that I could do the impossible. BUILD MY OWN LAPTOP FROM SCRATCH. HA. Needless to say it is virtually impossible. So then i decide to try and buy a cheap barebones latop. I really only need a case, motherboard and processor. I can buy the drives and software from tigerdirect and other places. ANyway the point is i can't find the bare-bones kit that suits me. If anyone knows of a good place to find such a kit please reply to the post. I am looking for an Intel P4 2.0 Gz or faster and something that supports at least DDR 300 (2100Mhz or higher) thanx
How about some links to laptop parts the bud? ;)
Any Links Would Be Great. THank you! I am just going to see if I can try and do this. Thanks All!!
U.n.c.u.T.! said:
Uhh, it's not that hard to build a laptop...:D where DO you get the barebones? I think recently somebody had a thread asking where to buy a barebones laptop.(appologies for whoever this memory isn't as good as it should be). If it was possible, I might not have gotten my Inspiron. (Not that I don't like it...I just might have enjoyed full control of everything inside it).

Edit: Oops. Sorry. It was Seloce who asked about that recently (still in the first page of the hardware zone...called "looking for a laptop")
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