Laptop wont connect to wireless internet..ARRRRRR


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ok i recently moved in with a friend and my laptop (sony vaio xp home OS) wont connect to the wireless internet there . I have used my laptop wirelessly before with no problems. There is a router and only one other laptop and one other desktop in the house. It is saying there is no interference so i dont think that is the problem. I have set it up properly including the ssid and the wap key but it seems to get stuck acquiring a network I went to command mode and did ipconfig/release which works, but times out on ipconfid/renew. I have done ipconfig/registerdns and nothing shows as error in the event viewfinder. when i repair wireless connection it gets stuck doing the same thing...acquiring network address. when i go to view available wireless networks and click on properties of the network i want...everything is set how it should be. There was a couple of days where i was given a license and allowed to access the internet...not sure how that happened. the strange thing was the wirelss icon was always with an X over it even while i was connected and then i would only be online for 5 minutes or so before it would kick me off and i would have to refresh networks and get back online....very random...also sometimes i get the yellow icon over the wireless icon that states limited or no connectivity....but i cant access the internet at all...Im not sure what else i can do or how i can set it up....any help would be greatly appreciated!!!