Laptop won't boot...


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[SOLVED!!!!] Laptop won't boot...

So after playing around with some things, I decided to do a reboot. Now I'm just sitting at this screen:

Any ideas? It's been doing this for the past couple of hours... If it keeps doing this before I sleep, I'll just leave it at that screen overnight.

Could my RAM be messed up? I hope not... I might switch my sticks with another laptop (if the type of RAM is the same) and see what happens.

UPDATE: I swapped out the 2 sticks of RAM with my dad's laptop (he has a Compaq, mine is a Gateway, both RAM's happened to be of the exact same type/manufacturer). Didn't do anything. I hope my BIOS isn't fucked up...

I think I'm on to something.

If I take the hard drive out, it'll show the rest of the usual things, but then it will go through a bunch of "IRQ not configured" things for various pieces of hardware, like "PCI Serial Bus Controller on Motherboard Bus:00, Device:1F, Function:03". Things like that. I can press F1 to resume or press F2 to go into the BIOS.

That was with the hard drive disconnected.

I pressed F1, put the hard drive in, and popper in my Window 7 DVD to see what it may find.

OMG YES!!! I'm such a fucking genious!

I guess the BIOS's settings were lost or corrupted somewhere, so I reset the BIOS from scratch, and BOOM! Working fine!!!!!