Laptop Video Card Question


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I'm hoping that someone out there in computerland may be able to help me here.

I just recently bought a brand new Tiny Mediabook M2600 N2210 (512MB RAM, Athlon 2600+M, 40 GB HDD, WiFi, 56K Modem, Integrated Graphics, etc), and I think its rather good! (I've heard people slagging off Tiny PC's but I like it!)

The only drawback seems to be with the integrated graphics chip/card. The BIOS will only allow me to share a maximum of 32MB of my main RAM. What I would like to know is, is there any way to change the card/chip? (i.e. upgrade to a different model?) or is there any way to allow the laptop to share more of its memory with the graphics card? (i.e. a BIOS upgrade or software or something?)

Hopefully someone out there can help!

Thanks in advance

David Lindon

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You can usualy upgrade embedded chips. You will have to look around though. Also, if you were to upgrade the RAM, it may allow you to use more as it probably works on a percentate/ratio to the system memory.