(Laptop) Toshiba Satellite L25-S1217 Monitor Error

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I recently purchased a Toshiba Satellite L25-S1217 as a graduation gift for my son. The monitor was working fine yesterday, but this morning two things have been done to the laptop and I'm guessing that one of these two things had to do with my current problem.

1.) This morning, I sprayed Windex onto a sock to clean fingerprints off of the computer screen. I then closed the laptop and cleansed the top of the cover to remove those finger prints.

2.) I sat the laptop onto a wooden chair in our dining room while I was cleaning off the dining room table, and my two year old nephew pulled it into the floor. I quickly picked it up to make sure the power came on.

When the power came on, the screen was displayed in a bizzarre manner. Parts of it looked darkened, and half of it won't display correctly. Instead, it's displaying scanlines. I currently have it hookd into my desktop computer's monitor, trying to figure out if there are any settings I can use to fix it. My question is, could the windex have damaged the monitor? Or could the short distance fall to the floor have done the trick? And if so? Are there any techniques that I can do to fix it myself without sending it somewhere?

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Im sure the Windex wouldn't of broken it, its more likely the fall from the chair to the floor. Repairing a laptop's screen proves very expensive and in some cases it's cheaper to get a whole new laptop than sending it off for a repair. If the damage looks unrepairable i don't think you will be able to fix it yourself. I'm sorry about that
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