Laptop speed

YoTank Girl

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OK I'm looking for a new laptop, and I'm looking at two different ones and I'm wondering how much of a performance boost the more expensive one would give me. They both have an Intel Centrino Duo processor, but one has a 1.73GHz processor speed and a 533MHz FSB, and the other has 1.83 processor speed and a 667MHz FSB. Is there going to be a big enough difference between the two that I should spend the extra $400 to get the better one?

I won't be gaming with this laptop, but I'll probably be running photoshop and other programs at the same time a lot. (if that makes a difference)


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Unless you massively benchmark, and time your saves, your work, etc. you won't really notice that big of a difference. Especially if you don't game. Try getting a faster harddrive if possible; megahertz won't be your achilles heel here. The duo is such a nice cpu that any level of operating will be superb. Save your money.


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the difference between those 2 processors isn't that much. But since the other one is $400 more it might have some other stuff (like more ram) which affects the speed. I highly doubt that the processor makes a difference like that in the price.