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Ok, so I was given this laptop by my friend after he dropped it and the screen broke. I have it plugged into an external monitor. Recently though, my stupid little brother was playing around with it (with a screwdriver....). He took parts off and a wire looks abit ripped.

So now when I turn it on the external screen doesnt come on either. When I press this down it sometimes does:

If I press it down aswell as lift the laptop at a certain angle (holding its right corner up like 5cm off the desk) it SOMETIMES works, this has happened just twice though, so this must be the the problem. But as soon as I let go of that litle plug or put the laptop back down the screen goes off straight away. What is it, and most importantly how can I fix it, this is driving me nuts.

More pics:

^^I circled the slightly ripped wire there.

I wont have enough money to replace this for months, please if theres a simple way of fixing this by replacing a part then please tell me.

BTW its a Toshiba Satellite....
if you know the model number you should probably be able to get a replacement cable as that seems to be the problem, just a warning though it will be a ***** to replace. describe the problem with the LCD screen please. 9/10 times it's just the CCFL backlight that is broken and that should be able to be replaced seperately from the screen although it is somewhat dangerous due to high voltages in the back light's power inverter
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