Laptop Screen Issue


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Hello, I have a laptop which everytime I open the screen all the way, the back light shuts off. If it is open about an inch the backlight will turn on, but anymore then an inch, it will flicker and shut off... Does anyone know if this would need replacing of the backlight, or a new lcd inverter? Thanks



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It's probably the connection to the backlight rather than a component itself - especially on cheaper laptops as it's closed and opened repeatedly cables can often work themselves a bit loose.

If you can open it and sort it out yourself, then great - but if you have to send it off somewhere and pay for it to have it fixed, depending on the age / spec of the laptop if might not be worth it.


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Either the 'video' cable inside the laptop is loose or it is getting shorted out when you open it fully. It sounds like closing it may push it all the way in, but when you open it, it streches the cable pulling the end out.

Could also be something else, but that is where I'd start.

Can't you use it with only an inch of viewing space?? :p