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I have a laptop which seems to have died and want to retrieve data from it, as the sata connections on the Hard drive seem to be the same as on a 3.5" Desktop sata Hard drive can this 2.5" drive be connected directly using a normal sata cable and power plug or is there some issue with 5 volt and 12 volt supplies and therefore the laptop hard drive has to be connected via a caddie to a USB connection.

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I looked briefly on google and didn't see anything. If you have a usb connection I would use it. not 100% sure on this answer though.
You can use a Desktop SATA Power and Data cable from your desktop and connect it to your laptop drive. However depending on how badly your hard drive is stuffed, you might have problems booting your desktop and it might stop or slow down the booting process.

If you can't connect via Desktop SATA Power and Data cable, you can try USB enclosures instead.

Good luck
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