Laptop mods

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Laptops are alot different then desktops, and have alot less space total on them, so it's hard to really put any mods on them. Plus there's not much room for error.
i know, im thinking about painting it, like in Hackers, looking for other ideas tho, seen some cool custom cases on apple notebooks.
The problem with laptops is every company makes different size computers, there is no stadard model. so companies that usually make mods give laptops a wide berth.

and if you do paint it don't get oil based paint, i got some on a LCD screen before and had to get it replaced
Thats kool, I didn't even know you could mod up your laptop....never seen it done...but it sounds tight. Please let me see a picture of your mod when you get done, I think that would be totally awesome to mod up a laptop...
1. All the links posted in regards to the laptop mod sites are down, as of 8.23.03 @ 2028 Pacific Time

2. I moded my laptop, if your interested, a pic can be provided sometime in the future.....

Went to Home Depot, bought a can of Plasti-Dip (which is a spray on rubber coating) and Michaels for a can of enamel gloss stuff. I took my laptop apart (yea! it is possible without screwing your self over! its called static bags and foam!). sprayed all the external parts with the black plastidip, let it sit over night, spray on the gloss coat a few times, sit for a day also, then reassemble. and its black and glossy, and unlike paint, it wont scratch, or chip!
New website devoted to laptop modding

Hey guys, I found this website that is entirely about laptop modding.

Check it out,

There is even a guy who molded his laptop case and changed the color of the plastic
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