laptop md2614u driver issues


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I got a free laptop from family member because they couldn't fix the virusus it had.

It is a

md2614u gateway laptop
3gb of ram
ati radeon hd 3200
amd turion x2

When I got the computer it had vista premium loaded on it. It was crashing on the windows load up screen. I got a copy of XP and installed and booted from xp and it worked fine while I was trying to locate the drivers. The problem is, I do not think there are drivers for this system for XP (correct me if I am wrong) because the md2614u's all came from the factory preloaded with vista. So I installed vista premium back on and found the (supposedly correct) drivers on gateways website.

The system worked fine for a few months but has begun to freeze/black screen while playing some games or watching movies on neflix. I have reinstalled vista and tried multiple drivers for the GPU but none seem to be the correct ones. I know the problem has to be with the video card drivers!

I either need the correct drivers for Vista or I need drivers for XP, either will work. This has been a major pain in the **** trying to locate the right drivers. Anyone that knows where to find the drivers or what else could be causing this problem would be greatly appreciated.


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There doesn't appear to be drivers for XP so you're out of luck there.

The drivers on Gateway's site are correct, assuming you are using the proper bit-version for your OS (32 or 64). That said, you might be able to use the ATI driver's on AMD's site o see if they help.

If you continue to have problems then you miight have a hardware issue with a bad stick of RAM causing your problems. Running Memtest (you can find it online for free) should clear that up.


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There are no needs to install vista drivers on your laptop. You should install the latest video card driver. In BIOS, be sure to set the RAM voltage to the required voltage specified by the RAM Mfg. BIOS will default your DIMMS may require more voltage than default.