Laptop LCD coming in and out


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Ok, I'm almost at my wits end with this Dell d630.

I replaced the motherboard with a refurbished one because the LCD wouldn't display an image. Occasionally it would, but then would flick out at a random interval. The backlight is fine and the computer is running fine, but there's no image when the problem is occurring.

After replacing the motherboard, it worked great for a few days but then the first time I tried watching a video it flicked a couple times and then went out. Upon reboot, no video, but it popped back in after a minute. At one point the LCD seemed to be 'pulsing' and then flick in and out. But usually it's either on or out.

Now either I got another bad motherboard (supposedly refurbed by Dell, but graphics problems have plagued this model GPU). It's not displaying any anomalies that I've seen.

So my best guess is inverter but the backlight is fine. Possibly the connector coming from the LCD?

Are there cases where the inverter can go, or start to go, but the backlight is still on and working fine?

Any other guesses?