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Hey guys.

So I have my laptop running. After two days of use, being on and off for those two days, it shuts itself down. I hit the power button to turn it on and nothing happens. Nothing turns on, the hard disk doesnt start, it just plain doesn't work. The solution I have found so far is that I have to turn the computer over, take out the battery and release and reseat the cpu. Flip it back over and it works fine, for two more days. Then it happens again. What could be going wrong?


I don't know what particular type of laptop you have, but I'm aware that many won't actually power up if it detects things like the CPU not present, or the heat sink is loose.

When you say reseat the CPU, are you actually taking the CPU chip out and putting it back in again. This doesn't sound right, and strongly suggests a hardware issue. You may want to get a proper hardware tech to look at it for you.
I have an Asus G1SN-X1 with an Intel T9300 installed. Also you are correct with having to physically take the cpu out and put it back in. The last time it happened I was able to just unlock and relock the socket and it worked. I don't know what happened because it worked fine for 2 weeks and then just started doing every two days.

If that's the case then I'd strongly suggest you get it looked at by a qualified technician. CPU's weren't really designed to be continually taken out and put back in. In fact you risk damaging it each time you do it (you could be zapping it with Static each time or risk damaging one of those numerous little pin connectors).

The only time you should really ever need to take out a CPU is to replace it.
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