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I tried to search, but found nothing useful to help me. Maybe one of you know the answer to my question.

I have a laptop, with a cd-rom bay (no internal floppy or external). I would like to use Active Kill Hard Disk Eraser to run a DoD formatting program (killdsk.exe) to completely wipe my hard disk clean before selling it to this lady online.

Tell me if I am on the right track:

I put the Windows XP Recovery DVD given to my from Compaq. It loads the Windows XP Installation blue screens and what not. When I get the option to recover, I press "r". From there it brings up "DOS", and I say D: after that I just typed in killdsk, and nothing happened. Then I tried killdsk.exe, and run killdsk, and nothing worked!!!

Anyone have any ideas!?




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why dont you type format D: and wipe it clean from there or if you have 2 Hard drives and you use 1 for backing up files right click my computer then manage then in the left hand pane click disk management and then right click on the HDD and click Format and follow instructions from there


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tfaillaci, try booting from the actual killdisk in order to wipe things clean, if that's what you want to do. be warned though! i recently zeroed my hard drive and now my computer is totally screwed up. i get messages about an unmountable_boot_volume, which i have been told means one of three things a) my cd-rom is busted b) my hard drive is toasted and i need a new one c) i have IDE controller issues. so watch out
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