Laptop cloning


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I would like to make an exact duplicate of my laptop PC including the OS and all software apps.

I have tried Norton Ghost, as well as multiple other software cloners, but to no avail. For example, the Norton Ghost trial hard drive would not boot.

I am considering using the Apricorn "DriveWire - Universal Hard Drive Adapter" and its bootable cloning software. I would be cloning 1 hard drive to another; both would be applied to identical computer laptop models.

Does anyone have any experience cloning a hard drive this way?


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In order to get the hard drive to boot, you may have to boot from a CD containing partition manipulation software such as Parted Magic and set the partition to be bootable. Once you have reimaged the boot partition, boot from the CD and use the partitioning application to set the boot flag (may also be called "set as active" or something to that effect). Then just reboot and it should boot from the hard drive successfully.