Landis...Stripped of his title


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Well I live where Floyd Landis comes from (I go to the gym where he worked out), and we are all hoping he will pass but I dunno now.


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I guess if he really did dope, he got what was coming to him. It just pisses me off how those French try to find every nook and cranny just to get someone that isn't French. It's not the anyone else's fault the French can't even win their own race. They just suck.


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Yeah, he got what was coming to him...But really, who cares, well I dont care much at all about bike racing, but Ill admit, it takes skill and strength, but boring non the less...WOOT Fantasy foootball is here!!!!!


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In all realitly very few poeple at that level aren't on roids. However most of them prob use it during train periods etc in small ammounts to give them that extra % in training.


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If he really did the drugs, why doesn't he just admit it. Seriously, its a waste of time, and heartache for his family and friends.