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Im not sure if Im in the right section to ask, but this one made more sense

Here is my problem, I have a small network in my house witch consists of three systems, 1 that is directly conected to the internet, and other the other 2 connect to the net by using the conection of the main computer.

Now, all have individual IP's and 2 are working fine, but the other one has a very strange problem. Whenever I start it, it says that the lan cable is disconected from it like if I had unpluged it, but when I looked it was perfectly conected to the LAN modem, I tried re-seting, instaling another modem, and re-configuring the whole thing but it still has the same problem

These two computers are conected to a 10meg hub

If anyone has any kind of sugestion I would apriciate it :)

PS: The main system that is directly conected is Windows XP PRO
the one that is conected and worcking fine is Win 98 and the one that isint worcking is Win XP Home
have you tried a new network cable? or switched the cable of the troublesome computer with one of the computers that is working properly?
We had a LinkSYS 5 port hub a couple of months back, and the stupid hub went bad. 1 of the ports for the network cables was bad, so You also might want to try switching positions in the hub, if you have any free :)
Yep I tried both, switching cables in the hub, and switching the cables theselves, didnt worck :(
I get the same problem everytime i start a computer in my home network, saying network cable unplugged, BUT then, it connects, then I have a good network. I never botherd about it since I always had a connection after windows was finish loading.

Maybe its your cables.
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