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A friend and I have been trying to play Empire Earth 2 over the internet but due to complitactions on both side we have been unseceful, is there a way that I can connect to his Lan so that we can play that way instead? I have a router with a max of 5 other computers on at one time, 3 are wireless. He also has a router and a max of 2 computers, 1 wireless. Is there any way to make a network that would alows us to play? I have heard that I could set up a private network over the intenet or set my computer as a sever and he dials in.

Also I have a 10mbs internet but he only has 2mbs, so its got to be a fairly effiecent method of connecting? Any ideas please, say so.


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LAN is can use hamachi though, connect to there LAN server and it acts as one even though your friend is still at his house. you just create a user and a network, tell him to download hamachi, create a user and connect to your network (should have some sort of name). going to need to go into network connections and set Hamachi as your first device though. To do that go into Network Connections, hit ALT-H to bring up the advanced menu, (click on the advanced tab) then go to advanced settings. Now under "connections" click on hamachi after its isntalled and move it up to the top then restart your computer.