KVR266 memory


Beta member
I'm having problems with my new memory.

My motherboard: k7d master
CPU: two 1600 MHz amd
bios: W6501ms v1.0
Memory: two KVR266X64C25/512 memory chips

I bought two new KVR266X64C25/512 memory chips, but motherboard won't exept 4 chips?!? It exepts old chips and new ones, also one old with one new, but not more than 2 chips!!!
If I put more than 2 chips, computer won't start and it makes the biiping sound: long beep then silence, long beep again then silence..............

Is there some bios settings I should change???
Does anyone know what the bios settings should be, if I use 4 memory chips???
Jouni from Finland
Maybe its just got something a little wrong in he CMOS, clearing it should make it work - I can't think of much else that would cause that. Maybe the actual ports are not working? Have you tried two in different ports?