kodak 5300 printing problem

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I have a Kodak 5300 color printer and when I print a document in black, the copy comes out very light and sometimes not at all. I installed a new black cartridge and the same problem occurs. Any help is greatly appreciated.
I think you need to get the ink going, what is that called.... "print-head cleaning mechanism" Should be within your printer options

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I've tried running the print head cleaning and even the "deep print head" cleaning and the problem still exists. Thanks for the reply
You might want to take that back where you got it, and get an exchange. Could be a problem with the cartridge cage as well.
I've tried 3 new cartridges.....but I will try macraigma's idea and call Kodak
Thank you macraigma, I called Kodak and they are sending me a new print head and iink. I appreciate your information......
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